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History and Religion

Bali landscape

Bali is so wellknown as a tourist destinations since along centuries ago. Why? ..  Because its tropical paradise that constructed by volcanic ridges , the jungle mountains that preparing fertility and prosperity to the people. Beaches surrounding the island just like heaven borders keeping you relax and peaceful. the tradtions that inspired by hinduism make it unique and special.

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Bali Update News

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Absolutely it is not like than common new year, Bali New Year is A Silence Day for all its general population. The lsolation of the island from its all people activity due to its ruled by religius tradition for:

  1. Unfunctioning fire
  2. Un outing from house compund
  3. Non activity in a whole day and
  4. Escaping phisical joys


This year on Wednesday, 25 March 2020.


How this ritual organized?

Three days before new year there is ritual call "Melasti" that cleansing all the Gods symbols and ornaments and universe.

One day before new year another ritual held to clean the negative aura of the island called "Ngerupuk". The ritual itself named Tawur Kesanga", and followed with proccessions of Ogoh-Ogoh.

On "H" day yes practice the 4 things unallowed to do.

A day  after is called "Ngembak Geni" or welcoming new light and enlightenment.







Balinese New Year 2020

unforgottable memory

History and Religion of Balinese People
Bali was known to be populated when the Metal Age began about 300 B.C. People lived in villages and buried the dead in stone sarcophagi. The Balinese are definitely a blend of the various Mongoloid peoples who moved through mainland Southeast Asia into the area now just long before historic time.

They believed in animistic and lived based on agriculture that positioning priests and princes as a high figure that inspired their society. The first great influence was done by Indian traders who brought their Hindu learning to Bali. The conversion of primitive Bali into Hinduism society is a matter of contagion of civilization not a result of conquest and colonization. The hinduization of Bali was a long process for many centuries.